Vasanta College

Best Practices

VALUE BASED WOMEN EMPOWERMENT                                         

In the modern Indian society, women should be empowered enough and must follow their role models and become worthy of evaluation. For women, empowerment emphasizes the importance of increasing their power and taking control over decisions and issues that shape their lives. To empower women means to understand and address the various dynamics of power and relationship in a particular society. From the social perspective, value based education promotes effective learning and underpines the continuous improvement of personal, social, moral and economic well-being. With the imposition of value education one can promote significant value to understanding, co-relationship and development of one’s personality with other fellow beings. All the prerequisites of women empowerment as a member of society can be nourished with value based education. We at Vasanta College for Women try to bring along the aim of value based education and the ability to make moral judgment based on sound reasoning


Garbage segregation-waste disposal and management is one of the leading problems that our country is facing. The increasing population ensures increase in waste material, under such a situation advanced waste disposal techniques become necessary for environmental conservation. Proper segregation of waste ensures the separations of dry and wet waste which can be then recycle or compost accordingly. It means separation of bio degradable and non-bio degradable wastes so that proper management and treatment of such wastes can be guaranteed.


Each of us has a right to have clean air, water and food. This right can be fulfilled by maintaining a clean and healthy environment. In India, the urban local bodies are responsible for management of activities related to public health. However, with increasing public and political awareness as well as new possibilities opened by economic growth, solid waste management is starting to receive due attention. The various initiative taken by government, NGOs, private companies and local public drastically increased in the past two years. The college is gradually taking steps in the direction of garbage segregation and waste management.