Vasanta College


All the students, faculty members and employees of the Institute can register themselves for the membership of the Library. All Students, faculty and staff members are issued bar-coded patron cards. Their entitlement, in terms of the number of books that can be borrowed by them, are as follows:
Category of member No. of Books that can be issued Duration of Issue
Faculty & Academic Staff 20 One Month
Retired / Visiting / or Adjunct Faculty 04 One Month
Administrative Staff (equivalent to Asstt. Registrar and above) 05 One Month
Technical and Supporting Staff 05 One Month
Other Staff of the Institute 02 One Month
Research Scholars 04 15 days
PG Students 03 15 days
UG Students 02 15 days

Library Membership and Loan Period

All students, faculty and employees of the Institute are entitled for the membership of the Library. Library membership form is available at the Membership Counter at Central Library. The Library membership can also be availed by the retired employees and Alumni of the Institute. The Library has over 2200 valid members. For the renewal of membership contact Library membership counter.

Library caution money

For getting library membership the caution money will be deposited in the College Office  as per details given below-

UG students : Rs. 300/-
PG students : Rs. 500/-
Research scholars : Rs.
Faculty member of the university : Nil
Officers of the university : Nil
Clerical and other staff of the university : Nil

The caution money should be deposited in the finance department. This caution money will be returned to the student after getting No Dues Certificate from library.

Borrowing Rules

Ø   The readers should check the books thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, etc. while getting them issued.

Ø   No book in damaged condition will be accepted from the users on return. Damaged books will have to be replaced by the borrower.

Issue & Return Timings

Text Book Section :

Ø  One Textbook can be issued on loan for overnight from 2:00 P.M. to 3.30 P.M. Textbooks should be returned on next day between 10.30 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.

Conventions for Issues / Return

Ø  General books are issued to all eligible members as per their entitlements.

Ø  Reference books and bound volumes are issued to members with special permission. Please contact Librarian for obtaining permission.

Ø  Theses, dissertations, CDs, are not lent out of the Library.

Cost recovery of Lost Books by the Library members

Following is the approved criteria for recovering the cost of lost books by Library members:

Ø  The cost of the book in foreign currency to be charged at the current conversion rate of the currency,

Ø  Lost book should be replaced by a new book with overdue charges , if any and with processing charges of Rs. 100/- per book

Ø  Minimum of Rs. 300/- to be charged if the cost of the book is less than Rs.300/- with processing charges of Rs. 100/- per book,

Overdue Fine

Items that are returned after the due date are considered overdue. Overdue fines are assessed at the following rates:

Ø  Rs. 5.00 per day for the books issued from General Section           

Ø  Rs. 5.00 per day for the books issued from Text Book Section

Loss of Identity Card/Library Card

Ø  The loss of Identity Card or bar-coded patron card should be reported to the Readers Services Section of the Library. The Institute Security or concerned section (UG/PG) will issue duplicate Identity card. Contact Readers Services for issuance of bar-code. Borrowers shall be responsible for any loss or misuse of their original/duplicate card.

Reservation of the Documents

Ø  Please contact Membership Counter / Circulation Counter for reservation of the books by filling the relevant slip (Reservation slip).